Windmill Loan Payment is NOT Tax Deductible

If you're looking to obtain your payment record or history from Windmill Microlending for tax purposes, it's important to note that while the interest payments on Windmill loans are not tax-deductible, you might still need your payment history for other financial records or personal tracking.

Steps to Obtain Your Payment Record:

  1. Contact Loan Management: Reach out to Windmill Microlending's Loan Management team. They can provide you with a detailed statement of your loan payments.
  2. Email or Phone Request: You can email the Loan Management team at or call them directly if a phone number is available. Provide your full name, the loan account number, and specify that you need a record of your payments.
  3. Specify Details Needed: Ensure you specify the dates for which you need the payment history, especially if you are looking for records that align with the tax year.
  4. Check Online: If Windmill Microlending offers an online client portal, you may be able to log in and directly download your payment history from there.

Important Notes:

  • Not Tax Deductible: Remember, the interest on your Windmill loan is not tax-deductible, as it is considered a personal loan rather than a student or government loan. Therefore, no T4s are issued for this loan.
  • Purpose of Record: Clarify with your tax advisor or the relevant financial authority how you intend to use this payment history since the interest is not deductible.
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