Windmill's Community Bonds

Invest for Impact with Windmill’s Community Bonds

Windmill Microlending offers a unique investment opportunity through its Community Bond program. Launched in 2017, this program allows investors to generate both social and environmental impacts while earning competitive financial returns. By investing in Windmill’s Community Bonds, you not only align your capital with your values but also actively drive positive change in the community.

Key Features of the Community Bond Program

  • Social and Environmental Impact: Your investment supports Windmill’s mission to empower skilled immigrants and refugees, helping them to achieve career success in Canada. This directly contributes to community development and supports environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • Financial Returns: The interest rates on Windmill’s Community Bonds are comparable to those of GICs or government bonds, making this an attractive option for investors seeking steady returns while contributing to a noble cause.
  • Expansion of Impact: Since its inception, the Community Bond program has played a crucial role in expanding Windmill’s capacity to assist thousands of newcomers in integrating into the Canadian workforce effectively.

Learn More or Get Involved

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can contribute to this impactful investing opportunity or if you wish to participate in the Community Bond program, please reach out:

Contact Us: Email us at for more information or to express your interest in purchasing community bonds.

Investing in Windmill’s Community Bonds means investing in the future of skilled immigrants and refugees in Canada, ensuring they have the support needed to thrive. This is your chance to make an investment that not only offers financial returns but also creates lasting social value.

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