Receipt and Taxation for Donors

Monthly Donors

  • Consolidated Receipts: As a monthly donor, you will receive a consolidated tax receipt for all your contributions made during the year. This receipt is issued once annually, before January 31st. It consolidates all your monthly donations into one document, simplifying your tax filing process.

One-Time Online Donations

  • Immediate Receipts: Receipts for one-time online donations are generated and provided immediately upon the processing of your donation. This prompt issuance ensures you have the necessary documentation for tax purposes without any delay.

Cheques, Wire Transfers, and Other Donations

  • Timely Issuance: Receipts for donations made via cheque, wire transfer, or other methods are issued within five business days from the date we confirm the donation. This policy is in place to ensure you receive your receipt in a timely manner for your records.

Receipt Delivery

  • Email Receipts: If you have provided an email address, your tax receipt will be sent directly to your email. This method is not only quick but also environmentally friendly.
  • Mail Receipts: If no email address is on file, your tax receipt will be mailed to your physical address via regular post.

Additional Assistance

If you have any questions regarding your donation receipts or need a duplicate receipt, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are committed to ensuring that your contributions are acknowledged and documented properly, facilitating a hassle-free experience for your charitable giving.

Contact Information: For assistance with your receipts or any other inquiries related to donations, please reach out to the appropriate department using the contact details provided during your donation process, or visit our website for more contact options. We appreciate your support and are here to help in any way we can.

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