Use of a Windmill Loan

A Windmill loan can be used for various purposes related to your Career Success Plan, including:

  1. Education and Training Programs: Funding courses and programs up to two years to advance your career.
  2. Licensing and Qualifying Exams: Covering fees for professional licenses and exams required for your field.
  3. Living Allowance: Supporting living expenses during training, licensing, childcare, rental, or relocation (some expenses may not be eligible, contact Windmill for inquiries).
  4. Credentials Assessments: Financing assessments from recognized organizations like WES, ICAS, IQAS, or MIFI.
  5. Language Training: Funding English or French language courses to enhance your skills.
  6. Relocation Costs: Supporting relocation expenses for employment and settlement, applicable to EMPP refugee candidates living outside Canada (refer to Windmill's website for EMPP details).
  7. Travel Expenses: Covering travel costs for courses or exams not available locally.
  8. Books, Materials, and Work Equipment: Purchasing necessary materials for courses, including books, laptops, phones (though the loan cannot be solely for acquiring electronics).
  9. Professional Association Fees: Paying fees to join professional organizations related to your field.

Examples of what a Windmill loan cannot be used for include:

  • Paying Credit Card Debt: Using the loan to settle existing debts or credit card payments.
  • Business Start-Up Costs: Funding expenses related to starting a business.

These guidelines ensure that the loan is utilized effectively to support your career development and not for unrelated financial obligations or business ventures.

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