Refugees, Relocation Product and Visa

It's important to note that Windmill Microlending does not provide support with the immigration and visa process for relocating to Canada. Here are the key points regarding eligibility and support:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • To be eligible for a Windmill loan, you must be currently residing in Canada under a permanent immigration status.
    • If you qualify for Windmill's EMPP (Employment Mobility for People on the Move) program, you must apply through one of Windmill's approved government partners for relocation to Canada before seeking a settlement loan.
  2. EMPP Approved Government Partners:
  3. Immigration and Visa Process:
    • Windmill does not work with visa applications or provide assistance with the immigration process.
    • For information on Canadian visa application processes, it is recommended to visit the official Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada website at

If you require further information or assistance related to relocation to Canada, including refugee protection and settlement, it is advised to consult the official Canadian government resources and the approved partners listed above for specific guidance and support.

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