Zero Interest Products and PrepDoctors

The partnership between Windmill Microlending and Prep Doctors aims to support internationally trained dentists in Canada by providing financing, coaching, and mentorship. Here are the key details of this partnership:

  1. Financing Opportunities: Internationally trained dentists can access up to $25,000 in financing to cover training costs, including courses for AFK, ACJ, NDECC, and NDECC-Situational Judgement components with Prep Doctors.
  2. Cost-Plus (Cost+) and Zero Interest Loans: Windmill and Prep Doctors offer a zero-interest loan product under the Cost+ financing model. This initiative is designed to assist foreign-trained dentists who may not qualify for Windmill's traditional microloan program.
  3. Benefits of Windmill Microlending:
    • Fixed low-interest rate starting as low as 6.7%.
    • Loans up to $15,000.
    • Two years of interest-only payments and up to three years of principal + interest payments based on your career plan.
    • Zero loan processing fees.
    • Access to success coaching, mentorship programs, and a range of career and educational resources.
    • Exclusive access to the Windmill Mentorship Program and Community Success Hub.
  4. Client Impact: Windmill Microlending has had a significant impact on its clients, including:
    • Over 3x growth in income for clients who return to their trained profession.
    • A historical repayment rate of 95%, reflecting clients' determination and success.
    • A 75% decrease in unemployment as borrowers repay their loans and secure employment in their trained fields.

This partnership underscores Windmill Microlending's commitment to supporting newcomers in Canada by providing tailored financial solutions, coaching, and resources to help them succeed in their careers.

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