Other ways to give

Explore other ways to give 

Discover more ways to support the empowerment of skilled newcomers and contribute to Canada’s prosperity. 


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Mentor new Canadians to help them rise to their potential 

Join the Windmill Mentorship Program to make a difference in a skilled immigrant or refugee’s life. Refine your leadership skills, offer valuable insights, and help newcomers navigate and prepare for the Canadian workplace. Mentees experience support and increased confidence to re-enter their professions. 


Note: Mentors must possess a minimum of 2 years of work experience in their professional field. 


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Become a corporate partner 

Corporations that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion often partner with Windmill. Your donation expands our reach, and corporate matching amplifies your impact. Activate community engagement by encouraging employees to mentor at Windmill. Refer skilled newcomers among your employees to utilize Windmill's services for career advancement. 


Corporate partners gain exclusive access to Windmill’s Community Success Hub for posting jobs and connecting employees with mentorship opportunities for our clients. 


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Donate in memory or honor of someone special 

Honouring someone with a charitable gift is a meaningful way to express appreciation or commemorate a special individual while contributing to a greater cause. 


Why make a gift to Windmill? 

Meaningful tribute 

  • Your gift symbolizes a commitment to the values and causes that mattered to the person being honored.     


  • Your gift can inspire others to engage in charitable giving, creating a ripple effect of generosity and support. 

Symbolic Gesture 

  • Your gift symbolizes a commitment to the values and causes that mattered to the person being honored. 



You can also donate proceeds from your event to Windmill 

From home events to galas, inspire your attendees by donating a portion of your event sales or proceeds. 


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