Monthly Giving

Support Our Mission with a Monthly Gift

At Windmill Microlending, every donation has a compounding impact. By choosing to give monthly, you help sustain our mission to empower skilled immigrants and refugees in Canada. Monthly giving is not only simple and hassle-free, but it also provides Windmill with a reliable source of funding to continue our vital work.

Benefits of Monthly Giving

Long-term Impact

Your ongoing contributions ensure that we can continue providing essential support to our clients, helping them achieve professional success and stability in Canada.

Amplified through Accumulation

No contribution is too small; every dollar adds up over time, significantly amplifying the impact of your donations.

Tax Benefits

All monthly donations to Windmill are tax-deductible. You can claim these contributions as deductions on your annual tax filings, benefiting from your generosity.

Flexible Giving

Setting up and adjusting your monthly donation is easy and can be done at any time to suit your financial situation. We value and appreciate your continued support, allowing us to plan and execute long-term projects more effectively.

Hear from Our Donors

Oumar Dicko "My parents struggled to get their credentials recognized when we moved to Canada. Now, as a monthly donor to Windmill, I support the mission to provide immigrants with the support my family would have greatly benefited from. My donations are inspired by my family's values of generosity and my desire to give back to the community."

Helen McLean, Donner Canadian Foundation "Windmill's model is exceptionally productive. Donations are recycled between beneficiaries every four years, ensuring that every dollar is always working to support new clients."

Abhisek Chatterjee, Ex Windmill Client turned Donor "Windmill transformed my life by enabling me to pursue a CPA designation, leading to a career at TD Bank. Inspired by my experiences and the resilience of newcomers, I now give back to help others succeed in Canada."

Join Our Monthly Giving Program

To become a monthly donor and help more immigrants build successful futures in Canada, please visit our Monthly Giving page or contact us directly. Your support can make a world of difference in the lives of many.

For more information or to set up your donation, please email us at or visit our website to start contributing today.


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