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More than a loan, explore Windmill’s career services

Windmill offers customized support to help you navigate the Canadian job market with confidence.

From career coaching to financial literacy training to mentorship and referral services. Explore what Windmill

has to offer.

Windmill’s client coaching program

When you get a Windmill loan, you can access a career coach through a one-on-one virtual session. Once a coach is assigned to you, you will receive an email from your coach with their information and the actions needed to proceed to the next steps. Coaches will work with you to build a tailored learning plan that will help you achieve career success in Canada. Once there is a coach assigned to you, you will get an email notification. Coaches can guide you on many topics, from the licensing or accreditation process to referring you to other settlement services you may require while you study. Our coaches provide a safe and non-judgmental

environment that helps our clients feel comfortable navigating Canada's complex job market. As a result,

Windmill has received 4.9 stars on Google reviews.

Clients get exclusive access to Windmill’s Community Success Hub

When you become a Windmill client, you gain access to the Windmill Community Success Hub.

This platform gives you access to a job board, mentors in your field, career and settlement resources, and a

network of other clients, alumni and employers. The Community Success Hub will help you build a

community and expand your network in the industry you want to work in. Access is exclusive to clients and

alumni only. To learn more, speak to your career coach 

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