Qualifying for a Windmill loan

If you're an immigrant with permanent status or Canadian Citizen in Canada and have a Career Success Plan that requires funding, you're eligible for a Windmill loan. Meeting all four following criteria is essential to qualify. Here’s a simple breakdown of our eligibility criteria-

  • Immigration Status: If you're a Permanent Resident, Protected Person, Convention Refugee, Provincial Nominee, Canadian Citizen, or a Temporary Foreign Worker with an open work permit*, you're eligible.
  • International Experience: If you're trained in another country and need help with licenses, training, or moving for your career, Windmill's here for you. Even if you have just one year of work experience before Canada, you can apply.
  • Arrived in Canada: You need to have come to Canada to qualify for Windmill's help.
  • Fresh Start Financially: While past financial challenges don't hinder eligibility, individuals with undischarged bankruptcies are excluded.

*People in Quebec who need help with credential recognition have different rules.

Please reach out to us info@teamwindmill.org for more questions.

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