Client Support Directory

To direct applicants, clients, partners, and donors to the correct depart, you can follow the breakdown below depending on the person's needs.

Client Support Specialists (formerly Loan Application Support)

  • Support applicants with structuring and completing their applications.
  • Support clients with new loan applications.
  • Provide details on any outstanding documents and a timeline for loan approval.

Client Support Specialists can be reached at


  • For clients without preapproval, coaches help them put together their application.
  • Review applications with more details required
  • Assist clients with loan disbursement approval if they are not scheduled for the current month.

Coaching can be reached by the client contacting their coach directly regarding their queries.

Loan Management

  • Supports clients after loan approval, answers questions regarding loan documents, and when clients should recieve disbursements.
  • Assists client with understanding their repayment schedule, and loan structure, answering questions regarding their loans financial structure.
  • Can assist clients if they experience financial hardship or delay in their learning plan and we require loan restructuring/lowering payments.
  • Supports client that have missed payments, and arrears owing on their loans
  • Can assist clients with the repayment of their loan.

Loan management can be reached by clients at


  • Partnership help organizations, learning institutions, accreditors and such with inquiries regarding partnering with Windmill to support their/our clients. 

The partnership team can be reached at


  • For persons or organizations looking to make donation, or contribute to our loan fund can reach out to our development team.

The development team can be reached at

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