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Guide to Contacting Windmill Microlending Departments

Whether you are an applicant, client, partner, or donor, here’s a breakdown of whom to contact at Windmill Microlending based on your specific needs:

Client Support Specialists

For Loan Application and Client Support:

  • Help applicants structure and complete their loan applications.
  • Assist clients with new loan applications and provide updates on any outstanding documents.
  • Offer timelines for loan approval.
  • Contact: Email at


For Application Assistance and Financial Literacy:

  • Support clients without preapproval in assembling their loan applications.
  • Review applications that require more detailed information.
  • Assist with loan disbursement approvals not scheduled for the current month.
  • Answer questions related to financial literacy and money management courses.
  • Contact: Clients should contact their assigned coach directly for specific queries.

Loan Management

For Post-Approval Support and Loan Management:

  • Address inquiries regarding loan documents and disbursement schedules.
  • Assist with understanding repayment schedules and loan structures.
  • Help clients experiencing financial difficulties or needing loan restructuring.
  • Support clients with missed payments or arrears on their loans.
  • Contact: Email at or call 403-228-9981.

Partnership Team

For Organizational and Institutional Partnership Inquiries:

  • Assist organizations, learning institutions, and accreditors with inquiries regarding partnerships to support both their and our clients.
  • Contact: Email at

Development Team

For Donations and Contributions:

  • Support individuals or organizations interested in making donations or contributing to the loan fund.
  • Contact: Email at

This contact guide ensures that whether you are seeking assistance with applications, interested in partnerships, or looking to support our initiatives financially, you can directly reach the appropriate department at Windmill Microlending.


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