Guidelines for Applying for an Additional Windmill Microloan

Eligibility for Additional Loans

If you currently have an existing Windmill microloan and your principal balance is below $13,000, you are eligible to apply for an additional loan. The conditions for the additional loan are as follows:

  • Minimum Additional Loan Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Total Outstanding Principal: $15,000

Requirements for Loan Approval

Before applying for an additional loan, please ensure that:

  • Your current loan is not in arrears.
  • All late or missed payments have been settled, and your account status is 'Current'.

Application Process

Applying for an additional loan involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the Windmill Website: Navigate to our loan application section.
  2. Submit an Application: Complete and submit your loan application form.

Review and Approval

  • Review Process: Each application is carefully reviewed by a Coach and the Loan Review Team.
  • Approval: Approval is not automatic; each request is assessed based on individual circumstances and compliance with Windmill’s lending criteria.

For more detailed information or to start your application, please visit our website.

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