Can I make changes to my loan term?

When your microloan was approved and set up by the Loan Management Team, you were granted a schedule of interest-only payments (or reduced payments) that is tied to the length of your learning plan. Depending on the amount you had been approved for, you will be afforded either 24 or 36 months to repay your Windmill microloan.

It is important to ensure that you have enough room in your budget each month to afford the payments of your loan. If you cannot make these payments, please contact the Loan Management Team immediately to discuss a solution.

At any time, you are welcome to shorten the length of your microloan term - so that you can repay your microloan even faster! 

Extensions of loan terms are afforded only on an exceptional basis and approved within Windmill's loan repayment policies. We will not always be able to accommodate your request. 

Please note that payments cannot be held or stopped on your microloan. If you are facing a financial emergency, please let us know immediately by contacting the Loan Management Team and submitting a request for assistance.

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